Managing Workplace Stress

Managing workplace stress is essential for organisations who aim to get the best from their staff.

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Businesses can reduce workplace stress by having a proactive Health and Wellbeing Policy to address stress at work. Stredia can help your organisation to deliver this effectively. The unique workplace stress risk assessment software designed by Stredia includes a confidential workplace stress questionnaire for your staff, tailored to your organisation, which identifies root causes of workplace stress and clearly defines how to address these concerns.  Staff login to the survey online, which takes just 7 minutes to complete.

Presenteeism is the latest buzzword, defined as employees who are physically present in the workplace but under-performing due to stress or other issues. Stress at work can lead to under-performance, sickness or absence and affects staff engagement and retention.

According to figures from the 2011 CIPD/Simplyhealth absence report, UK employers estimate that they lose an average £673 per employee per year because of time away from work for reasons ranging from serious illness to stress and family responsibilities: this is up from £600 in 2010....

NB: The survey found that average days lost annually in the UK was 7.7 days per employee and stress is now the biggest cause of long-term absence, having overtaken other common overstrain and musculosketal problems among manual workers and acute medical conditions among non-manual staff. (Source: Guardian 05-10-2011 / Mintel Group Ltd)

Corporate responsibility is now prerequisite for businesses and effective corporate stress management will demonstrate your organisation's commitment, as well as contributing to your bottom line. Whilst stress can also be caused by external factors, employers may be considered negligent if they fail to identify or reduce workplace stress.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions encourages management to “identify if a person’s job” could be playing a role in causing stress. Congress Legislation & Legal Affairs Officer, Esther Lynch, says stress can lead to addictions and tribunals may find a dismissal unfair “if an employer has made no attempt to help an employee with a problem where work factors are a clear contributory factor.” (Source:, Press Release, October 2012)

Carrying out a workplace stress risk assessment that includes a staff workplace stress questionnaire will pinpoint areas of concern for your business.  Stredia can also help you to implement organisational change to address any issues highlighted in the report findings. Find out how we can help your business with effective corporate stress management and reduce workplace stress with our workplace stress diagnostic tool.

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