North Ayrshire Council Case Study


North Ayrshire Council is a large local authority with nearly 8000 staff. The council has integrated Stredia into their wellbeing programme following a very successful trial in social services.


Workplace wellbeing is seen by the council as a critical component of their strategy for improving staff attendance. Risk assessment of workplace stress is an integral part of the council’s absence prevention programme focusing on early intervention. This is an important addition to its continuing return to work interviews. The council is also aware of the positive impact such programmes have on key KPIs such as efficiency and customer service measures.Process:

Implementation of the Risk Assessment Portal for team leaders and Service Areas with a council-wide benchmark comparator. The council has initiated a rolling programme for each service area to monitor workplace stress with a risk assessment using the HSE’s Management Standards, UK best practice. The Stredia user friendly portal provides managers with instantly accessible, real time team reports monitoring the early warning signs of stress and absence. Information supplied provides decision support to improve local working conditions in each team. This has enabled organisation wide improvements to be easily achieved.

Key Components

  • Staff monitored with only 7 minutes of interruption
  • Team by team analysis reports available in real time
  • Quantitative and qualitative sources of risk
  • Risk reports for each local team leaders lead to service critical operational improvements

Critical Success Factors

  • Local intervention quickly implemented
  • Board level organisational plan implemented
  • Department managers briefed
  • Implementation briefings at local manager and senior levels
  • In house implementation team trained
  • Positive involvement from trade unions and staff representatives


Management of Workplace Stress Risk Easily Assessed

Stredia's cascading reporting system delivered just the correct information at each level of management.  Reports mapped patterns of behaviour throughout the organisation.  This allowed the Senior Management Team to prioritise actions and support.  Locally implemented remedial action plans enabled risk factors to be addressed quickly, resulting in a rapid improvement.  A number of organisational enhancements were delivered resulting in improved wellbeing.

'We are currently rolling out the use of this system…It is a fabulous tool. It has been extremely easy to use. The speed at which we get the reports is great, so ease of use is the main benefit.’ (Health and Safety Manager, North Ayrshire).'