Strategic Analytic for Management Consultancy

Written by Geoff Thomas. Posted in News

The merger and acquisition arm of a major consultancy (confidential) approached our client Tiger Teams with a thorny problem.  The  integration of three separate consultancy units into a one stop shop for merger and acquisitions business had stalled without reaching the desired synergies. As a part of the TT team  Stredia were contracted to design and supply a tool that would assess the strategic readiness of  the merged businesses.

The tool was deployed to gather team climate and strategic position information prior to a large, multi day, off site strategy meeting. Stredia's senior consultant, Geoff Thomas supplied vital team learning facilitation during this event.
Using the tool the teams were at a glance able to see the different strategic nuances of different teams; analyse inter team friction points but most importantly, to highlight how each specialism could bring value adding information to other teams and enhance the proposition of their bids.

Following the event teams more clearly understood the financial benefits of close collaboration rather than seeing themselves in competition for resources. They also discovered that this information exchange process could considerably increase the profitability of the unit with potential gains measured in tens of millions of pounds.

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