Stredia Help Hospital Make Significant Efficiencies

Written by Geoff Thomas. Posted in News

Use of the Stredia analytic has been instrumental in helping Frimley Park Hospital significantly reduce its costs and has become an integral part of its drive to continuously improve clinical excellence.
The analysis of reports generated by the analytic has resulted in greater effectiveness in several departments and enabled many incremental process innovations to be implemented.

Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Surrey is an extremely high performing hospital, recently rated runner up in the NHS Hospital of the Year by Dr Foster, the independent patient care rating agency. With the commissioning of its helipad access point it has also been designated as the AEC [Accident and Emergency Care] centre of excellence for the region.
In its continued drive to provide excellent care the Stredia analytic was deployed in a number of departments experiencing increases in demands due to increased activity. Use of the analytic has enabled managers to identify the root causes of frustrations in staff and efficiency issues to be quickly addressed.
For example, in the microbiology laboratories, part of a joint venture with two other local hospitals, a number of improvements to the multi-skilling programme were identified. The length of training sessions were adjusted to improve assimilation and a number of bench-side bulleted lists were developed to speed up the sharing and implementation of the ‘one best way’ processes. In point of care testing improvements were identified in procurement and commissioning of equipment in addition to eliminating inefficiencies arising from multi site operations.
In addition to these changes, use of the analytic has been used to support a reduction in the contribution the Trust  makes to the central NHS Litigation Authority, the rationale being that as staff pressures and frustrations ease, fewer clinical errors are made and this results in a lower risk of medical negligence claims.
In all this has resulted in great improvements in staff morale and ‘significant savings’ for the Trust.

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