Pharmacy Gains Efficiencies

Written by Geoff Thomas. Posted in News

The busy pharmacy at Frimley Health is now operating even more effectively thanks to the Stredia software. Analysis has revealed that the integration of three formerly independent pharmacies is now operating with increased efficiency, greatly improving staff working lives. This has reduced staff frustrations and improved job satisfaction, improving overall motivation among staff.

 The Pharmacy of the newly merged Frimley Health had undergone significant changes over recent years. The changes were slow to deliver the expected efficiency gains and staff had become frustrated by this lack of progress. Following the root cause analysis a number of structural and process deficiencies were identified and methods to overcome them suggested and implemented. Further deep diving into the information and facilitated focus group discussions with staff from different work area teams revealed further instances where performance could be enhanced.
These were then integrated into departmental plans via an action plan.
In addition to identifying several process improvements, the overall project has contributed a number of refinements to ongoing strategies including the staff development, retention and employee engagement strategies.

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