Stredia Help Software Company increase Productivity by 20%

Written by Geoff Thomas. Posted in News

The Customer

Crafty Devil is a small company with big ambition. It is a high growth Software Applications Development Company. They have a clearly set out growth plan with very ambitious targets. Part of this strategy is to attract high quality loyal staff, an essential part of their Recruitment & Retention Strategy.

The Challenges

  • There were niggles that they felt could impede serious rapid growth of the business
  • They wanted find any “Bugs” in their systems, people & processes to ensure this growth was built on a solid foundation.
  • We knew we could be better but we were unsure how...

The solution

The CEO of Crafty Devil, Richard Dale was delighted to discover Stredia, their online Management Portal allowed us to initiate a detailed independent analysis of our business:

  • All staff were engaged & entered their information via the portal, in 5 minutes
  • Managers were able to monitor this progress remotely
  • Easy to interpret reports were immediately generated & available online
  • Stredia clearly showed the development team and the commercial team had a different pattern of issues.
  • “Comments Analysis” gave Managers clear insight to “Niggles & Bugs”

The Plan

At the next team meeting the findings of the reports were presented and discussed with all staff and the following simple actions were agreed:

  • Individual responsibilities and contributions to the company's goals were clarified
  • Staff suggested that more regular progress updates be given to ensure clear feedback
  • The layout of the workspace was changed to improve communication
  • Job descriptions were refined
  • Organisational reporting structure  was redefined
  • White boards were introduced to aid high visibility project communication & transparency

The Benefits

  • Immediate Increase in Staff Motivation
  • Individual ownership and accountability of tasks
  • Better clarity of Job roles and Management structure
  • Productivity amongst developers rose by over 20% with improved clarity from the commercial team.
  • This improved productivity resulted in improved customer response times
  • Ability to manage more customers with the same resource is now possible
  • The company are now fully informed and prepared; poised to grow at a faster pace than they initially thought possible.

Customer comment

"As a growing web application company, we rely heavily on Processes and clear Communications.  Stredia ensured that we got the views of the whole organisation, not just the assumptions of the management team. This has already created Tangible Impetus amongst individuals to take ownership of processes, resulting in more efficient working, practices and better customer experience. We estimate that this will equate to 20-30% increase in output."

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