Stredia Help Reduce Stress Incidents by 6% in Frimley Hospital

Written by Geoff Thomas. Posted in News

The Customer
Frimley Park Hospital is a large organisation where excellent clinical outcomes are increasing patient numbers. However, some organisational issues are leading to a rise in work related stress in staff. Stress within the workplace can cause a decrease inefficiency and cause clinical issues in a range of areas. These challenges needed to be addressed effectively and efficiently.

? Reduce issues associated with rising stress that impact on clinical care and staff retention.
? The trust initiated risk assessments using the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Management Standards, UK best practice.

The solution
? The trust used Stredia to deliver the whole process from data capture and staff discussion to action planning.
? All staff were engaged & entered their information via the portal, in 5 minutes
? Managers were able to monitor this progress remotely
? Easy to interpret reports were immediately generated & available online

The Plan
The findings of the reports were presented and discussed within the team and actions were agreed:

? Seven Critical Risk Indicators assessed in staff
?  Risk Assessment for clinical departments and trust-wide comparator
? Team by team quantitative and qualitative analysis reports available in real time
?  Risk reports for each department manager including comments about clinical/operational strengths and weaknesses
? Individual responsibilities and contributions to the company's goals were clarified

The Benefits
? Engagement increased between senior levels and wards
? Local plans developed and implemented
? Department managers fully informed about causes
? Better clarity of Job roles and Management structure
? Facilitation support in discussing implications and collating solutions
Analysis reports enabled each department manager to see the root causes of issues adversely affecting teams & indicating improvements.

Customer comment

Stress risk factors were reduced across the board and stress incidents are down by 6% in the year following the introduction of the system. A number of organisational improvements resulting in improved clinical care and a general reduction in needle stick injuries. “Reports to Managers focusing on issues are very useful to us in making improvements.” (OH & Safety Manager, Frimley Park Hospital Foundation Trust)

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