Flexible Working Could Prevent Employees Pulling a Sickie

Written by Geoff Thomas. Posted in News

The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated survey has found that 43% of UK employees admit to having called in sick to work when they were not actually sick.

They also learned that younger workers have the largest percentage pulling a sick day. 65% of the 16-24 confesses to fake sick days, whereas only 25% of the 55-64 and 40% of the 25-30 age groups confessing the same excuse. The cause for these sickies is that employees feel stressed and needed a day off. In the UK, 16-24 age groups have the highest figures who have taken sick days at 34%. The lowest figures were 55-64 age groups at 14%. Other few reasons why employees take a day off sick includes having to look after a sick child, having too heavy a workload and running out of paid leave. The top two ways to spend a fake sick day were staying at home and watching TV or staying in bed. 50% took time off work to stay at home and watch TV. A whooping 44% have stayed in bed on a bogus sick day; 29% had to take care of a sick child; 16% met with friends and relatives; 16% have used the time for a shopping trip and 9% went to a sporting event. To prevent these sickies, according to staff responses, employers could offer employees the opportunity to work flexible hours. The survey shows that 50% of respondents would like flexible hours; 39% would like the opportunity to take unpaid leave; 33% would like the option to work from home occasionally; 32% think that more paid leave is the answer and 27% would like the chance to take ‘duvet days’ – days that can be taken as leave at short notice.

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