Change Fatigue Top Emergent Risk

Written by Geoff Thomas. Posted in News

Change fatigue, where constant reorganisations wear down the resilience of teams in an organisation has recently been  rated as the primary emergent risk in the world of work.
The phenomeneon, first identified as a major issue for corporations in the Harvard Business Review by Rosabeth Moss-Kanter, one of our most influential writers and thought leader on the subject of organisational change. According to CEB Global's recent survey of risk professionals the risk has risen to such high levels that is most exacting emerging risk for corporates,
 According to the report “too many organisations....

...leave themselves vulnerable to to productivity declines  and errors through poorly communicated change.”
It's interesting to note that in  the same report that people based cyber security risks of accidental disclosure and data privacy issues outranged external, hacking based events. These were seen by respondents as being of specific 'high velocity' and capable of significant damage to organisations. We believe these risks are linked.
The business intelligence  garnered by Stredia will monitor respondent attitude to changes and support managers in refining and embedding the change.

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