Are Duvet Days the Answer?

Written by Geoff Thomas. Posted in News

Absences were stress is cited as a factor is a serious employment issue that reduces efficiency and affects productivity in the workplace. Giving people time off such as ‘duvet days’ (days that can be taken as leave at short notice) and introducing flexible working hours may not be the solution to prevent employees calling in sick. ‘Duvet days’ can negatively impact morale, missed days do not only disrupt workflow on a daily basis. By not addressing the issues that are causing staff to take duvet days organisations are compounding the problems.

Absence will increase stress on the employees who are present that need to complete extra tasks. This may cause resentment among co workers as they are forced to take additional last-minute work to cover for a colleague, particularly if they feel the reason for the absence is not genuine.

Identifying the causes of workplace stress is the first step in lessening its impact. Stredia suggests that organisations should carry out a comprehensive and suitable stress risk assessment and to take action to tackle any problems identified by that risk assessment.

If we can remove or reduce the causes of stress at work then staff will not have feeling stressed as a justification to take time off. The workplace will be a much better environment and staff should not feel the need for a break.

If you are having absence or stress issues at work and you would like further information on how to implement and complete workplace stress risk assessments please contact Stredia. We are more than happy to talk through issues that you may have without any obligation.

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