Partnership with Guardian24

Written by Geoff Thomas. Posted in News

Stredia are delighted to announce their working partnership with Guardian24.

This partnership is a perfect combination as similar to Stredia; Guardian24 provides high quality consultancy, training and service information to public and private sector clients with risk assessments and legal guidance in their specialised field. This is a good partnership for clients as both Stredia and Guardian24 have extremely robust process in place in safeguarding employees’ safety and wellbeing at work.

Guardian24 is a Lone Worker Personal Security service that can be used via a Blackberry Smartphone, Windows PDA, Mobile Phone or specialist Lone Worker Device. It allows users to log their whereabouts, daily tasks, and any other important information. The service can be used to protect staff when lone working, travelling to and from work, visiting clients in their homes and businesses and when working in isolation on remote sites. Their subscriber base now exceeds 32,000 users. Among their customers are local authorities, healthcare services, housing associations, central government bodies, NHS trusts, educational institutions, charities etc.

Furthermore, Guardian24’s quality of service and support matches the ethos and vision of Stredia. Together, Guardian24 and Stredia can help organisations minimise costs, increase efficiency and improve productivity.

For further information on Lone worker support

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