Frimley Park Hospital Case Study


Frimley is a large acute hospital ranked second in the Dr Foster tables. Excellent clinical outcomes are increasing patient throughput and increasing the need for efficiency gains.


Root cause analysis of staff issues to improve clinical care and staff retention.


The trust used Stredia to deliver the whole process from data capture and staff discussion to action planning. Risk Assessment for clinical departments and trust-wide comparator • Seven Critical Risk Indicators assessed in staff • Team by team quantitative and qualitative analysis reports available in real time • Risk reports for each department manager including comments about clinical/operational strengths and weaknesses.

Critical Success Factors

  • Engagement briefings from senior levels to wards
  • Board level organisational plan developed and implemented
  • Department managers fully briefed
  • Facilitation support in discussing dashboard information
  • Collating suggestions into action plans

Analysis reports enabled each department manager to see the root causes of issues adversely affecting teams & indicating the improvements.


Simple and Effective Solutions Revealed.
A number of organisational and process improvements were revealed in each area monitored.  Resulting improvements enabled staff to provide improved clinical care and so reduce the risk of mdeical errors. Staff engagement  improved and a reduction in needle stick injuries was observed. 'Reports to Managers focusing on issues are very useful to us in making improvements.' (OH & Safety Manager, Frimley Park Hospital Foundation Trust)