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Employee Wellbeing - Key Organisational Benefits

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Stredia’s suite of diagnostic tools help to equip astute employers and HR teams who have identified a correlation between employee wellbeing and organisational success. Not only will good workplace health and wellbeing benefit the individual, but also the entire business can reap long-term rewards, especially to their bottom line. The business benefits of workplace wellbeing can often be found from an employee satisfaction survey, results include:

Reduced Absenteeism:

The average days lost annually per employee in the UK was 7.7 days per employee, and stress is now the biggest cause of long-term absence (CIPD, 2011).

Reduced Accidents:

There are at least one million UK workplace injuries caused by accidents each year (HSE, 2010). Case study evidence (PWC, 2008) has suggested cost savings of 50% has been achieved across a number of organisations when they have implemented health and wellbeing initiatives.

Improved Retention:

It is estimated that the direct and indirect cost of replacing a leaver averages almost £6,000 in the UK (CIPD, 2008), sometimes this can rise to a full year’s salary.

Higher Employee Commitment:

Studies have confirmed that improving employee engagement has a significant influence on customer outcomes and on sales performance (Rucci et al, 1998).

Higher labour productivity, enhanced employer brand and greater employer resilience have also been found to be the rewards for organisational wellbeing (The Work Foundation, 2010).

Stredia provide the tools to accurately assess your organisation. Real-time online analysis and reporting provide a precise overview of your organisation. Interpretation of management specific feedback can help you identity where key organisational benefits can be achieved, and help you develop a wellbeing strategy to implement them.

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