About Us

At Stredia we provide Organisational, Leadership, Workplace Stress, Development and mobile working diagnostic tools. We also supply Coaching, Workshop Facilitation and Consultancy Services to support this intelligent software.

The diagnostic tools provide real-time metrics and analysis with a 360° view of every team in every department, not individuals.

These online tools create a safe & secure environment to help engage your people in driving Collaboration, Strategy and Change. 

The Stredia diagnostic tools are used to build a culture of continuous improvement and benchmarking within your organisation.

Who would benefit
Stredia work with public and private sector organisations including NHS Trusts, Education, Housing, Central & Local Government; large bluechip and SME’s enhancing management development processes.

Whether you are a Chief Executive Officer driving efficiency, a Transformation Manager driving strategy and change, a Finance Manager looking at controlling costs, an Operations Manager looking at improving performance or a HR Manager addressing health, wellbeing, absence management and retention; every business leader will benefit from the Stredia diagnostic tools.

Why use Stredia
Use of the Stredia software results in significant improvements in Leadership, Performance, Communication, Clinical Excellence, Training, Lean Thinking and above all Quality.

Providing innovative organisational x-ray technology and real-time reporting gives leaders the 360° organisational feedback they need to improve team performance and coach through change

Stredia assessments enhance collaboration, empowering people to embrace and be part of change. Use of the tool helps your organisation comply with HSE guidelines for managing workplace stress.

Our customers use the Stredia diagnostic tools to assist in anything from aiming for ISO accreditation, achieving business award e.g.  Top best 100 companies, as part of the Investors in People programme, or simply strengthening their culture of continuous change & assessment.

Gone are the days when we can assume things, it is essential that organisations today work with real-time, factual and evidence based information when making decisions. Stredia analytics deliver exactly that!


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