• Increase Engagement

    Engaged employees perform 20% better and are
    87% less likely to leave an organisation

    Driving Collaboration, Delivering Change

  • Identify High Performance

    Drive Collaboration

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  • Identify Risks in Your Organisation

    Decision Support

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  • Uncover Efficiencies

    Reduce Costs

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  • Root Cause Analysis

    Our systems deliver anonymised root cause analyses of the risks affecting staff engagement, retention and other people risks in an organisation. The easy to read dashboard of quantitative and qualitative format is accessed via controllable passwords. Its pattern analysis algorithm provides a comparison and benchmark between, for example, Project Teams and their Departments and for longitudinal organisational comparisons over time. This is all achieved with staff spending only seven minutes of their time at the information gathering portal.

    Benefits of Stredia Diagnostic system

    Access to the dashboards enable the impact of transformational projects on staff to be better managed and so help employees become immediately more productive.  Regular use will also quickly deliver value for money for you by identifying process improvements and consolidating continuous improvement practices in teams.

  • Talent Analytics – Workforce Analytics

    Talent analytics will identify how to convert a 0.1% increase in employee engagement into an enhanced annual operating income.

    Staff Engagement Metrics - Measuring Employee Engagement
    Discover how Employee Engagement can make your employees more productive, more profitable, more customer-focused and less likely to leave with the help of a high quality Staff Engagement Strategy...

    Staff Performance - Employee Analytics

    Discover how a bespoke solution enhances staff performance and how employee survey software boosts productivity...

    Employee Wellbeing and Workplace Wellbeing Analysis

    Discover how Stredia’s diagnostic tools provide qualitative workplace wellbeing analysis, and how this can benefit your organisation’s bottom line!...

    Managing Workplace Stress – Mitigation and Compliance Software

    Workplace stress contributes to employers losing an average £673 per employee per year through absenteeism.  Identify what your business can do to address this...
  • Stredia provide bespoke analytics and decision support to Directors to help bring clarity to their strategic planning. Users are:

    Chief Executive Officers driving transformational change

    Finance Director driving staff efficiency, controlling costs

    Operations Director improving performance

    HR Director addressing health, well-being, absence management and retention

    Chairman of a Board improving competence and collaboration

    An Investor completing due diligence before a new acquisition
    Any business leader will benefit from Stredia Analytics and support: Contact us now to discuss your specific requirement

  • Our analytics dashboards provide real-time metrics for every team in the organisation.

    Organisational Analytics

    ..an organisational x-ray.. a clear and concise dashboard.. simple graphics give crucial information on the 7 inhibitors of Management Excellence...

    Learning & Development Diagnostic Tool

    .. ensure that the appropriate learning is directed to the right people at the right time and that personal needs meet organisational plans...

    Flexible Working Diagnostic Tool

    .. inform the formulation & planning of your Mobile & Flexible working strategy.. ensure the appropriate personnel are best supported...

    Workplace Stress Diagnostic Tool

    .. crucial information on the factors of Stress Management Excellence, to comply with HSE regulations for risk assessment and managing workplace stress...
  • Stredia support assists managers to explore fully the findings of our Analytics.

    We empower your managers to become proactive solution focused leaders and your teams to participate in and fully embrace change.

    Team Transformation

    Engaging with teams we challenge old thinking and provoke innovative ways of working. we remove the frustrations that prevent clear thinking...

    Individual Transformation

    More solution focused individuals let go of old ways of working and become empowered to learn, develop and achieve greater organisationally beneficial skills...

    Executive Focus

    Working with individual Executives and Managers to support them in implementing radical transformation.... increasing clarity, focus and drive; and giving them an evidence based understanding of how best to address challenges.


Free Expert Guidance on Managing and Assessing the Risks Associated with Workplace Stress

Written by Gerard O'Hanlon. Posted in News

Stredia helps your organisation to find the causes of stress and save money by continuously improving well-being.  We diagnose the root causes of workplace stress and reduce absence saving you time and money.

Join us for a FREE Webinar on April 23 at 15.00BST. Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

Geoff Thomas, director of Stredia and an experienced consultant specialising in the Risk Management of Workplace Stress will be presenting the liabilities and challenges associated with workplace stress. He will discuss the causes of stress and how it can impact the performance of your ogranisation.

Stress in the workplace to rise throughout EU

Written by Gerard O'Hanlon. Posted in News

Job-related stress is a concern for the large majority of the European workforce, according to the second European Opinion Poll on Occupational Safety and Health.

The survey, conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), measured the opinions of over 35,000 members of the public in 36 European countries on contemporary workplace issues including job-related stress, and the importance of occupational safety and health for economic competitiveness and in the context of longer working lives.

Record £4.4 million Compensation after ‘years of abuse’ left doctor unable to work again

Written by Geoff Thomas. Posted in News

A recent tribunal heard how years of systematic harassment of a doctor caused severe stress followed by depression. Although claiming unfair dismissal together with sexual and racial discrimination the case was exacerbated by the severe illness it caused. This was so severe that a clinical psychologist examining  her concluded ”

€315,000 for “Grave Harassment” and Work Related Stress

Written by Geoff Thomas. Posted in News

Managers and Directors Beware

A Dublin hotel chain has been ordered to compensate their former Marketing Manager for harassment that caused work related stress. This substantial claim included €220,000 compensation for harassment and discrimination and a further €94,500 for stress caused by victimisation. In addition to the claim the company were further ordered to pay interest on half of the compensation.

Stredia - Your Wellbeing Partner

Written by Geoff Thomas. Posted in News

Stredia provide a secure and confidential portal that monitors the causes of workplace stress in all areas of your organisation.

We help your managers identify and eliminate the root causes of workplace stress through a systematic organisational risk assessment that fulfils your legal obligations and points the way to radical cost savings.

Trusted by...

  • North Ayrshire Council
  • Citi Ireland
  • South Lanarkshire Council
  • Airtricity
  • ACCS
  • HSA
  • Iarnród Éireann
  • Legal Island
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